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Milky Baby Bath

Milky Baby Bath

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Our milky baby bath is wonderfully moisturising & soothing for all skin types but especially good for babies delicate skin. The benefits of bathing in milk are well known. Bathing in milk provides cleansing, softening & hydration to the skin.

Key Ingredients:

GOATS MILK - is high in betacasein, vitamins A, B6, B12 & E & minerals that help nourish & hydrate sensitive & dry skin.

LAVENDER & ROMAN CHAMOMILE ESSENTIAL OILS - are both known for their soothing & relaxing qualities & are suitable for use with babies. Lavender & roman chamomile have a calming, harmonising effect on the nervous system. Both essential oils are also very good for use if there is any skin irritation or dryness.

Using our milky baby bath just before bed will calm & soothe your baby (or yourself) & prepare them for a restful sleep.

Directions: add approx. 1/4 cup of milky baby bath to a warm bath. Swish through water to disperse. Place baby in bath to enjoy. When finished, pat dry instead of rubbing with a towel.

Take care as baby & bath could become slippery.

125g, comes in a stand up pouch.

Ingredients: buttermilk powder, goats milk powder, lavender (lavandula angustifolia) & roman chamomile (anthemis nobilis) essential oils.