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Ground Coconut Soap

Ground Coconut Soap

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Our ground coconut soap is as pure as soap can get! Made from organic coconut oil, lye & water. The coconuts are from an organic & sustainable source & there are no added fillers, fragrance, phosphates or SLS. This coconut soap is eco-friendly, biodegradable & suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. Dissolves fast in warm water & is perfect in DIY washing powder recipes. Effective and yet low in suds, our coconut soap is suitable for front loaders (use sparingly & at your own discretion).


General Safety Information

Please note, caution should always be taken when using ingredients in diy recipes regardless of how natural they are. Avoid contact with eyes & avoid breathing in dust. It is recommended to wear a mask & gloves. It is up to you to decide if any ingredient is appropriate to use in your circumstances. Store in a cool, dark place & keep out of reach of children & pets. If you experience any irritation, discontinue use.